Love the articles you read in your favorite magazines but hate having to keep all the issues? Consider this your online archive :) [please note that I own nothing posted unless stated so] xoxo

Mission statement

Greetings tumblr :D

Hopefully this works as well as I visioned it working… an online archive of some helpful articles from some of our favorite magazines as ladies. The idea came to me while I was cleaning/packing to move and stumbled across a folder filled with every article from a magazine I deemed worthy of saving— Everything from DIY to fitness/health to fashion/beauty to recipes to advice on the men in our life. And that’s when it hit me… what if there was an online archive on one site that held all of this epic information!?

So here I am… Girlie-Com… like Comic-com only it’s all girly stuff :)

And as I said in the little intro I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING POSTED UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE! We are going to give as much credit as possible to the lovely women (and sometimes men) who have given us this information.

:) So I hope you find this useful and please don’t be shy to speak up about what you’d like to see or if I mis-credited a source.